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Your partner for insurance expertise in the logistic world

LogSure provides tailor-made insurance solutions for port terminals, transshipment points, logistic centres, repair and warehouses.

The intermodal port/terminal and transport industry is being constantly faced with new challenges and with a steady change of terms and conditions. Faster, better and – if possible - more inexpensive: cost pressure.

The result:  the acceptance of more risks expansion of liabilities.

We want you to take care of your core business. LogSure is acting more or less as your outsourced insurance department, by taking over the appropriate coverage of insurable risks and by taking care of the adequate loss prevention in order to grant maximum security. All in line with your instructions or in accordance with our mutual agreement.

Whether you are acting as a port and/or terminal operator for liquid/wet cargo, bulk commodities, heavy lift cargo or you are running a container repair and/or storage facility or a warehouse with through transport activities including transshipments: We’ve got the required insurance solution for you, the tailor made suit with sleeves not too long and not too short. Insurance means securing your balance sheet and this can be quite different  from company to company.

LogSure will analyse your risks on location and, if you wish, will offer tailor made coverage concepts at a fair price, which maintains your competitiveness. By bundling the various risks like liability, machinery, building, business interruption and D&O etc. into one policy with one insurance company, this simplifies your daily operations, which we want to take over  by effectively outsourcing your insurance activities. This is the basis on which we are able to grant you an unbureaucratic, prompt and uncomplicated settlement of claims. All very competitive and all from one provider.

Your risks will be placed by LogSure with first class ranked insurers only, having many years of experience in this field and providing a worldwide network, which gives you the necessary  sense of security. However, an insurer has not only to be able to indemnify, but he has to be willing to pay as well.

Curious to find out more ?  Please call us to find out more about our “one stop shop” strategy. We would like to advise you and after the carrying out analysis, we will quote your premium for competitive cover, with no obligation to buy, no strings attached. What can you  lose ? Give us a chance  and compare to identify how you may secure better cover for your operations! We are not always better, however more often than not, our policy holders benefit from our service.

logradLogSure is also prepared to take on your insurance administration in the broadest sense. This varies from client to client.  We offer our customers complete service solutions to the transport and to the recovery of claims.  We have the right specialists to hand, to take care of any case.

Our activity incudes claims surveys, when and where ever you want or need them. Claims adjustment means processing claims right up to a decision. In case of high deductibles this means a comprehensive claims management. Supervising cargo operations, (loading/discharging/stowing), if required. You can buy our service on the basis of “no cure – no pay” or on basis of a certain fee, being agreed upon prior to our activity. Our way of doing business is firmly based on traditional Hanseatic fairness – you can be assured you won’t be buying a “pig in a poke” from us. Thus your financial commitment remains clear and easy to calculate. The only exception are court fees, which shall not occur since in almost every case commercial settlements in combination with immediate cash flow  represent a better solution.

According to our company’s logo we grant first class protection for all your activities in respect of insurance conditions in the broadest sense under o n e  umbrella, which – contrary to a popular saying, remains there to protect you even in bad weather.

Try LogSure! We will be delighted to hearing from you.